Services for tattoos and piercings

PIC_0107Our artists are well versed in styles and techniques. Our staff demonstrates knowledge and talent working traditional, Japanese, Tribal, Portrait and bold color pieces. Integrating detail and shading is all part of our fantastic prices. Did we mention that we’re really friendly too? You won’t believe the service, quality and attention to detail is so affordable, you’ll want to find more areas to design and enhance! Check out some ideas and examples of In Memory Tattoos.


There are a variety of piercing services we can help you achieve. The most common are ear, nose, tongue, navel as well as more complex areas. Our professional piercing staff exudes confidence as they strive to perfect each procedure with minimum discomfort of the client in mind. We also encourage our fans and customers to learn more about how body piercing can become addicting, and we take measures to help you understand what these procedures mean to your body.

Laser Tattoo Removal:

Most tattoos require several treatments to achieve significant fading.  Each treatment is scheduled 45-60 days apart for optimal results.  Lightening old tattoos with laser treatment and covering them with new ones is one popular option.  Schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss the variables that determine the safest avenue for your laser tattoo removal.  Affordable treatment packages available.


For elaborate tattoos it is necessary to book an appointment for a consultation to discuss the creation of your project.  We require a non refundable $50 deposit to begin design construction.  Most deposits are deducted from the price of the tattoo.  The only exception is when a design requires an extensive amount of time, which an hourly fee will be discussed and charged. Click here to begin this process.