If you are searching for the ideal tattoo shop near you, Elite Ink Tattoo Studios near New Baltimore is your answer! Our team of pleasant tattoo and piercing professionals, which also includes female tattoo professionals, are amongst the finest body art experts in the Metro Detroit area. You’ll discover that our clean, relaxing studios will be a perfect solution for all your tattoo, laser tattoo removal, as well as body piercing needs!

The mission of Elite Ink is to delight 100% of its clients 100% of the time. Each Elite Ink representative makes every effort to gain a strong trust with our clients. Throughout the years, these devoted relationships have actually added to Elite Ink’s upper echelon tattoo and also piercing professional services.

Free Quote And Consultation

Elite Ink has an obligation to provide expert recommendations to each one of its clients. The process starts with a consultation for an insightful assessment. Throughout the consultation, a series of questions are asked to make sure the very best tattoo or ideal piercing results. Based upon the extent of each design, a decision is made to select the ideal plan for style and application. Elite Ink Tattoo Studios offers expert guidance to aid you in tattoo options, tattoo removal, as well as body piercing and aftercare to guarantee the very best experience and also result.

Tattoo Solutions Near New Baltimore

When you search for a professional tattoo artist near you, look no further than the gifted tattoo artists at Elite Ink Tattoo Studios! They can offer expert guidance on your custom tattoo style to accomplish your vision while making sure that you have a great experience. We offer assistance on preventing risky methods such as glow-in-the-dark tattoos. Popular tattoos in the New Baltimore area consist of:

  • Tattoos near me in Metro DetroitTattoo consultation
  • Black and gray tattoos
  • Color tattoos
  • Fine-line tattoos
  • Bold-line tattoos
  • Small, medium, and large tattoos
  • Sleeve tattoos
  • First-time tattoo preparation
  • Custom tattoo process
  • Photorealistic tattoos
  • Lettering tattoos
  • Laser tattoo removal
  • Tattoo cover-ups
  • Body piercing

Laser Tattoo Removal Services Near New Baltimore

If you are searching for laser tattoo removal services near New Baltimore, you found the perfect location! The experienced artists at Elite Ink Tattoo Studios will guide you how to develop the safest plan to eliminate your unwanted tattoos. We use laser tattoo removal and tattoo cover-up techniques to help you eliminate washed-out tattoos, discolored white ink tattoos, misspelled tattoos, or tattoos that you regret having now that you’re a little wiser! The laser tattoo removal procedure can take numerous treatments that are scheduled 45-60 days apart to wash out the tattoo adequately.

Piercings near me in Metro DetroitPiercings Near New Baltimore

Body piercing is a perfect way to express your individuality, New Baltimore. We offer an ear piercing chart or ear piercing diagram to help you select your ear piercing location. If you are a migraine headache sufferer, daith piercings can offer complete or partial relief. Our experts will certainly help you tailor your body piercing strategy to achieve your intended results!


Elite Ink has actually been voted THE BEST TATTOO STUDIO for over ten years and counting by the readers of Metro Times, Real Detroit Weekly, CBS Radio, and also the Detroit Free Press.

New Baltimore, you can find a cheap tattoo studio anywhere but what you should be searching for is the very best tattoo shop near me. With us, you’re getting an affordable trusted group of professionals that take pride in helping every client achieve their body art goals.