3 Common Body Piercing Mistakes to Avoid

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Body piercings have become a norm in today’s society. In fact, about 14% of Americans had body piercings in places other than their ears in 2015. But just because they’re popular, that doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes when getting pierced. Piercings can have negative side effects when they’re not done properly. So to help you avoid having a bad piercing experience, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid when it comes to piercings.

Not getting pierced by a professional: One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to body piercings is not getting pierced by a professional. It may be tempting to let your friend pierce your ear or even try piercing yourself — but this will not end well. You won’t have the right tools, you’ll lack proper sterilization, and you won’t know the right place to pierce. Getting pierced by a trained professional will ensure your piercing is done right.

Not cleaning it properly: When you do get pierced, the piercer is going to explain some aftercare instructions. It’s important to not only listen to them closely, but to follow them! Whether you get a nose ring, a nipple piercing, or a cartilage piercing, aftercare is essential. If you fail to keep your new piercing clean, you risk getting an infection. So make sure to follow the aftercare instructions, including when to clean it and which products to use.

Not leaving the piercing alone: Getting a new piercing is fun and exciting. This can often result in you wanting to touch and play with the piercing. Unfortunately, not leaving your new piercing alone can allow bacteria to get into it and cause an infection. So for however long the piercer says to, leave your new body piercing alone. This includes touching it when you’re not cleaning it and changing the jewelry too soon. All in all, if you’re not cleaning your piercing, it’s best to leave it alone so it can heal properly.

Piercings can be a great way to express yourself and add aesthetics to your look. But keep these mistakes in mind to ensure you have the best piercing experience possible.

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