Headache – Migraine (daith) Piercing

Ear Piercing Chart (Daith “L”)

The daith piercing has proven to be very successful in eliminating and alleviating chronic migraine headaches. This type of piercing is very popular at the Elite Ink location in Center Line, MI. Well over 75% of clients have claimed to have experienced less frequent headaches and 40% have claimed for their headaches to have completely stopped.

This piercing began to surface more than 8 years ago, and the Center Line Elite Ink location has become known as one of the best destinations for having this piercing performed. Clients travel more than 200 miles in some cases to experience the successful piercing at the very popular studio.

A couple of clients have sent handwritten cards to master piercer John Motyka:

“John, I came into your shop exactly one month ago on a recommendation from my physician. I suffered from major migraines. I was taking 5 or 6 Fiorcet daily. It was interfering with my everyday life The migraines were debilitating. You were so nice and explained the procedure. I felt safe and sterile. You asked me to let you know how I was doing, following the piercing inside my ear. I am happy to tell you that in the last 30 days I have had only one migraine. Who knew that a tattoo shop could literally give me back my life? Thank You, Rachelle.”

“John, A note of thanks for my awesome daith piercing. The instant my piercing was done, I had immediate relief from a 2-week migraine. In the month since, my migraines have decreased from 2-3 weeks to rarely. I have only used prescription medication once. This has been a real life changer.  Thank you, Laura Ahearn.”

John reflects, “When I read and hear the numerous success stories, it really makes me feel good that I’m able to make a significant difference in so many lives. Who would have figured that an ear piercing would give numerous people a new lease on life.”

The piercing is usually quick and precisely performed at the Elite Ink Headquarters in Center Line, MI.