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  • Finding The Right Body Artist

    How to find the right tattoo and piercing shop is a question a lot of Americans ask themselves. As of 2015, 47% of Millenials and 36% of Gen Xers report having at least one tattoo, according a Harris Poll. A large portion of people with tattoos, about 49%, claim that the most important aspect is […]

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    A Quick Guide to 5 Popular Tattoo Styles

    Countless people around the world find tattooing to be their method of choice when it comes to body expression — in fact, demand is so universal that the U.S. alone is home to around 21,000 tattoo parlors. Fortunately for those looking to get new tattoo art, there is no shortage of artistic designs circulating. This […]

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    Migraine Relief Can Be Found at Your Local Tattoo Parlor

    Migraine suffers might not think of a piercing and tattoo parlor as a place to go to gain relief, but new research suggests it is indeed very possible to reduce migraine pain with the help of a specific kind of piercing. According to a survey conducted by MigrainePal, 47% of respondents reported their migraines became […]

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    Why You Should NOT Get a Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoo

    In today’s society, we’re seeing more and more people with tattoos. In fact, about 14% of Americans have gotten at least one tattoo. And tattoos are more intricate and amazing than ever before. But just like with most styles and trends, there are a few tattoo trends that aren’t so great — like glow-in-the-dark tattoos. […]

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    3 Common Body Piercing Mistakes to Avoid

    Body piercings have become a norm in today’s society. In fact, about 14% of Americans had body piercings in places other than their ears in 2015. But just because they’re popular, that doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes when getting pierced. Piercings can have negative side effects when they’re not done properly. So to help […]

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    5 Important Steps to Take When Planning Your Tattoo

    Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience, whether it’s your first or your twentieth. But each time you get a tattoo, you have to do some pretty important planning. Getting a tattoo is more involved than showing up to a tattoo and piercing shop and saying “I want a tattoo”. So let’s look at a […]

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    Popular Tattoos To Watch For This Year

    Tattoos are a popular form of artistic expression, but just as artistic styles change through the years, so do tattoo styles. Although the new year is just beginning, now is the time to educate yourself on what is going to be in style. Whether you’re planning on getting your first tattoo this year or you’re […]

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    What Were the Most Popular Ear Piercings in 2018?

    Piercings are a simple, non-permanent form of body expression. And while about 14% of Americans had body piercings in places other than their ears in 2015, like nose rings and nipple piercings, ears remain one of the most popular body parts to pierce. But it’s not just lobes that can be pierced — so as […]