Migraine Relief Can Be Found at Your Local Tattoo Parlor

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Migraine suffers might not think of a piercing and tattoo parlor as a place to go to gain relief, but new research suggests it is indeed very possible to reduce migraine pain with the help of a specific kind of piercing. According to a survey conducted by MigrainePal, 47% of respondents reported their migraines became less frequent after they obtained a daith piercing, while 50% said their daith piercing reduced the severity of their migraine attacks. The daith piercing is done in the ear, usually, a straight hollow needle is used to pierce the skin and placed through the cartilage above the ear canal. The piercing helps create relief because the surgical steel is placed in an acupuncture region known to control migraines and give headache relief. More than 37 million people suffer from migraines in the United States. Some migraine studies estimate that 13% of adults in the U.S. population have migraines, and 2-3 million of those migraine sufferers experience chronic pain. Many people have found it be beneficial to get the daith piercing. Migraine relief could be as simple as making a trip to your local piercing and tattoo parlor.

When getting a daith piercing, expect the healing time to be between 4 – 12 months. The average healing time is 4-6 months, but due to the complex positioning of the cartilage piercing, it may take longer to heal. And, of course, healing times vary per person. There are now many options available for jewelry and gauges for the piercing. The daith piercing isn’t just for migraine relief, it can also be a bold fashion accessory. Jewelry can be changed usually around the 4–6 month mark. There are approximately 21,000 tattoo parlors in the United States so choosing one might be overwhelming at first. For those in Michigan, an excellent and professional location to get pierced would be Elite Ink in Detroit.

Elite has been a leader in the tattoo and piercing industry for over 20 years and features the best body piercers in Detroit. Elite features custom artistic designs in tattooing as well. The custom tattooers at Elite suggest choosing enthusiastic artists or piercers that makes you feel comfortable. Always do your research prior to going to any tattoo and piercing shop as this will help you gain insight into what you are looking for, and what necessary questions need to be asked. Choosing a tattoo or a piercing is a serious commitment, choosing a tattoo parlor that is excited as you are for your new look is important. If you feel comfortable with your artist and procedure, the experience will be more positive for everyone involved.

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