Getting A Tattoo? Avoid These Tattoo Trends

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Just like with any other form of expression, tattoos go in and out of style over time. Unfortunately, once you’ve committed to a tattoo, it’s very difficult and sometimes expensive to remove. While certain popular tattoos might be in style right now, there’s no guarantee they’ll still be popular in a few decades. Next time you’re going to the tattoo parlor, avoid these unfortunately popular tattoos to make sure you’ll love your ink for years to come.


Watercolor Tattoos


This style of tattoo might be all the rage right now, and it’s easy to understand its appeal. The bright colors and unique designs can look amazing when they’re first done, especially if you have a great artist. However, this might be a trend to pass on. Over time, the colors will fade and look less vibrant. Additionally, the lack of outline around the color will eventually cause the design to look less clean and defined, taking your tattoo from “painting” to “bruise” in a matter of years.


Group Tattoos


Group tattoos might seem like a cute idea now, but will they years from now? Names, group tattoos, or anything immediately recognizable as being associated with a specific group of people is a bit of a risk with tattoos. If something changes and you no longer want to be a part of that group of people, you’ll be stuck with a permanent reminder.


Tribal Tattoos


Unless you have a legitimate connection to a tribal heritage, this is one to pass on for sure. This style has come and gone, and should stay in the past. While you might think it looks tough and powerful right now, it’s fairly heavily associated with a younger, immature attitude nowadays. This style is sure to end in tattoo regret.


Pop Culture Tattoos


You might appreciate that funny cartoon or movie reference now, but be wary of these popular tattoos. Pop culture tattoos might be well understood now, but in ten years, are you sure that joke will still be relevant? If you’re going to get a pop culture tattoo, make sure you do it because of your appreciation for the show, and not for a reference that other people will understand.


Make sure you thoroughly think through your tattoo choices before you schedule a session with a tattoo artist. Large tattoos can cost about $150 per hour on average; make sure you’re spending that money on a tattoo that you’re going to enjoy for years, and not regret once it goes out of style.

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