Modern Tattoo Trends You Have To See

  1. glow in the dark tattoos

The end of 2019 is quickly approaching, bringing the 2010s to an end. Like every era, trends come and go, and tattoos are no exception to this rule. The past decade has seen a lot of unique tattoos, especially since body art is becoming more popular than ever – about 47% of Millennials and 36% of Gen Xers say they have at least one tattoo. Take a look at some popular tattoos from the 2010s as we head into 2020.

Watercolor Tattoos

The early 2010s, in particular, saw the rise of the still popular watercolor style of tattooing. Generally, these tattoo designs use organic shapes and a combination of bright and pastel colors to mimic a watercolor painting. This unique style can be difficult to replicate, so having the right artist is key. These tattoos can be beautiful and expressive, even without traditional line art to frame the bright colors.

Glow In The Dark Tattoos

For people in the past decade who have been hesitant to get a tattoo, glow in the dark tattoos provided an interesting compromise. These hidden tattoos can only be fully seen and appreciated under black light. Some used this unique tattoo ink to create hidden message tattoos, while others integrated glow in the dark tattoo ink into a larger design. This gives a transforming effect to tattoos when viewed under a black light.

Minimalist Tattoos

Not all tattoos are meant to be showstopping – some are best left as small designs with a lot of personal meaning. Minimalist tattoos like this have been growing in popularity, largely thanks to social media influencers. Some try to recreate these small tattoos at home, but this is incredibly unsafe and won’t give you a good looking result. Minimalist tattoos should be done by an experienced, professional tattoo artist to avoid the ink bleeding too far outside the intended lines. Fine lines, small dots, and delicate design are hallmarks of the minimalist trend that will likely continue into the 2020’s.

With tattoos being more popular now than almost any other point in history, it’ll be interesting to see what trends take-off during 2020. To learn more about these tattoo styles or to get your first tattoo, contact Elite Ink today.