Finding The Right Body Artist

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How to find the right tattoo and piercing shop is a question a lot of Americans ask themselves. As of 2015, 47% of Millenials and 36% of Gen Xers report having at least one tattoo, according a Harris Poll. A large portion of people with tattoos, about 49%, claim that the most important aspect is the reputation of the artist. The same can likely be said about getting body piercings. In the same year as the Harris Poll, about 14% of all Americans had a body piercing in locations other than their ear lobe.

Finding the right tattoo and piercing shop is going to come down to individual preference. However, there are certain broad generalizations that can aid in the decision-making process. The following points are all geared towards finding the right tattoo and piercing shop:

  • Ask a friend and check online
  • Check the place out
  • See the gear

Most folks are probably going to check with someone they know and their old buddy Google as a first point. Someone you trust with ink or body piercings is most likely going to have some good information for you. Even though their words might hold a lot of influence, doing that quick review search is still beneficial. A shop with a good reference from the people you know and a good online review status is worth looking at, right?

These decisions about your body are permanent (or semi-permanent). Therefore, you have to visit the place before any work is done. This is where scoping out the exterior and interior of the property are possible. This is also an opportunity to meet the artist. While body art or piercing is a great form of body expression, not all people are meant to work together.

When visiting the location, be sure and check out what is going to be used on you. This is just another great way to assure that the place is properly maintained with good health and safety practices. The manner that an artist maintains their workspace is going to be a good indicator of their personality.

Finding the right artist to help you is going to take time and a little effort. The worst mistake that can be made is cutting corners on the search. However, when you find the right artist, it can be the start of a lifelong relationship. So to find the best artist for you requires actually meeting the artist first, and that means you should start looking now.

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