Important Tattoo Aftercare Tips to Know

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If you’re planning on joining the 14% of Americans who have at least one tattoo, it’s important for you to understand how to care for your new ink. Aftercare is a crucial part of getting inked. Because while tattoos can be a great body expression method, you can put your new art at risk of infection, or wore, if you don’t care for it properly. With that in mind, his article is going to provide a brief overview of basic aftercare for new tattoos.

Before getting into the actual aftercare process, it’s important to understand why aftercare is so important. While tattoos can be a great body expression method, they’re also medical procedures. Because the tattoo artist is using a needle to insert the tattoo ink beneath the skin, this leaves the area vulnerable to infections.

This is why aftercare is so important. Taking care of your new tattoo is key to ensuring it heals properly. If you don’t take care of it, you can end up with a painful, ugly piece of artwork on your body. So when your tattoo artist is explaining how to care for your new ink, listen up!

Fortunately, tattoo aftercare is pretty simple. When you first get your new tattoo, your artist is going to wrap it in a bandage. Depending on the piece, your artist will tell you how long to keep the bandage on for. Don’t take it off sooner than the amount of time you were told to leave it on for.

When it comes time to remove the bandage, you should wash your tattoo thoroughly. If you see blood or excess ink when you remove the bandage, don’t worry, that’s normal. You should use warm water and a fragrance-free soap to remove any dried blood or ink on the area. After the area is washed, carefully pat the area dry. If you try to rub the area, you’ll not only hurt yourself, but you could risk messing up the tattoo.

After the area is dry, it’s important to keep the area covered with a thin layer of product. Your artist may recommend an unscented lotion or another product specific for tattoos. Some tattoo parlors may even sell a product they recommend for their clients. No matter what they suggest, you should make sure you’re putting product on your tattoo after cleaning it each day.

Overall, it’s really just important to keep your new tattoo clean. Try to avoid wearing tight clothes over the area for the first week or two and do not go in any pools or hot tubs while your tattoo is healing. If you begin to see signs of infection or have other concerns with your new ink, talk to your tattoo artist or doctor.

It’s important to remember that while tattooing can be a great body expression method, it’s also a very serious process. Without proper care, your tattoo can get infected and lead to ugly scarring. So do yourself a favor and listen to the aftercare instructions your artist gives you.