Elite Inks Company Policy on Tattooing Minors

Elite Ink Company Policy For Minors

Elite Inks company policy pertaining to age requirement for tattooing and piercing is as follows: In order to be tattooed or pierced at Elite Ink Studios a person must be 18 or older with photo ID. If a person is 16 or 17 then it is mandatory that proper parental consent is adhered to by providing the minors birth certificate and picture ID along with the parents drivers license. A special permission form must be filled out before time of tattoo or piercing service. It is the discretion of Elite Ink to deny any service that we feel is inappropriate.

Elite Inks company policy pertaining to minimum age requirements for tattooing and piercing in the State of Michigan


  1. Our company policy is directly in line with the new proposed State of Michigan Law pertaining to minimum tattoo age requirements.