Elite Inks Top Ten Reasons To Cover Up A Tattoo

Elite Ink Tattoo Cover up

Elite Ink Tattoo Studios of Metro Detroit has become known as one of the best places to have a tattoo covered up.  Their professional staff can evaluate your situation and give you one of the best workable solutions. Here is a list of the top ten reasons why a person may want a tattoo covered according to Elite Ink.

1. I let my “ex” friend practice his newfound tattoo skills on me. “Hey mom check out this free tat.” “What is it?”
2. The tattoo was mispelled. “Can someone say “tattoo spell-check?”
3. A tattooed name of an “insignificant” other. “Happily ever after never ends with a lovers name”.
4. The initial tattoo coverup was unsucessfully performed by an amateur. “Time for a triple coverup?”
5. The 3am tattoo. “liquid courage meets liquid creativity”.
6. Dna test proves that the baby mama lied, so the proud daddy tattoo needs to go.
also falls under you found out you were adopted after having your parents names tattooed on you.
7. 1990’s Tasmanian devil wasnt cool then and is a complete unknown now.
8. The lower back bullseye seemed like a good idea ten kids ago.
9. Your favorite band tattoo has been played out over a decade ago.
10. You realize your proud heritage tattoo is not your heritage.

This list represents some real life tattoo cover up experiences. If you would like information on tattoo coverups please visit Elite Ink Studios.Elite Ink strongly suggests to do your
homework before investing in professional tatto