10 Steps To Have an Elite Ink Tattoo

Elite Ink Tiger by Ryan Waterhouse

1. When you visit Elite Ink make sure that you have done your homework and be specific of what you
want and where you want it.  The best case scenario for you is to create a tattoo from your original
concept.  This will be discussed during your free consultation.

2.  A great way to research is to go online and become familiar with tattoos from around the world.

3. Visit Elite Ink Studios and look at the photos of tattoos performed. Be sure to look for creativity, range in subject matter, and clean work that looks appealing. Things to look for specifically is good drawing, clean lines, solid filled in color,and a clear representation of the tattoo.

4.  Once you have found the right artist pay attention to their strengths because that is what is going to set aside your tattoo from all the rest.  Essentially it is your ticket in having a tattoo that you will be absolutely proud of for years to come.

5. Take a look at the studio and the work area. Usually great work and a work area to be absolutely proud of goes hand in hand.

6. Be flexible in the designing of your tattoo and let the artist take the lead.   Its encouraged to offer opinions and suggestions so that the tattoo artist has the best information to perform the best illustration possible.

7. Treat the staff with respect and be ready to pay a good price.  If you can’t afford the price than consider having the tattoo done in sessions whereas the payments can be broken up.

8. Book you appointment for the tattoo with a deposit. This assures that you will have a reserved time slot for your amazing skin illustration.

9. Try to be 15 minutes early for your appointment.  Make sure you have been well rested and have eaten prior and
never drink alcohol beforehand.

10. Protect your investment by following aftercare instructions thoroughly.