3 Tips for Taking Care of a New Piercing

So you’ve decided to get a piercing — awesome! Piercings are a great way to show off some bling and express yourself. There are tons of different piercings you can get aside from traditional earlobe piercings. In fact, as of 2015, about 14% of Americans had piercings someplace other than their earlobes. But no matter what kind of piercing you get, it’s important to take care of it properly. Let’s take a look at a few important piercing aftercare tips.

Don’t touch it more than necessary: When you get a new piercing, you might be tempted to play with it or keep touching it. Well, don’t. Continuously touching your new piercing can significantly irritate it and make the healing process last much longer. And your hands aren’t the only thing you have to keep off of your new piercing. You should try not to sleep on your piercing, snag it on anything, and definitely don’t let anyone else touch it. Ear piercings, like a daith piercing or other cartilage piercing, can be difficult to sleep with, but try your hardest to avoid touching it with anything.

Always keep it clean: No matter if you have a standard earring in your lobe, a nose ring, or any other body piercing, the most important thing to remember is that you need to keep it clean. You should be cleaning your new piercing twice a day — use soap and water or a product that was recommended at the tattoo parlor. Using a substance with alcohol or strong fragrances can irritate the piercing, so be mindful of which products you’re using. Keeping the earring clean and dry will help the piercing heal properly and quickly.

Keep the jewelry in: Oftentimes, when someone gets a new piercing, they immediately want to change around the jewelry. And with a wide selection of jewelry for all piercings, it can be really tempting. However, you should leave the earring you were pierced with in for as long as possible. Frequently changing the ring or stud can disrupt the healing process can cause serious problems. So as tempting as it may be, leave the earring in for the amount of time your piercer tells you.

When taken care of properly, a fresh piercing will heal in no time. So follow these few tips to help ensure your piercing heals quickly and painlessly.

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