5 of the Most Common Types of Ear Piercings

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As far as body modifications go, ear piercings are pretty common in today’s society. But when you decide to get an ear piercing, you may find you have a lot more options than you initially thought. So to help you choose the perfect piercing, let’s take a look at a few of the most common ear piercings.

Lobe: A lobe piercing is probably one of the most common ear piercings. The earlobe is soft and fairly big, making it ideal for multiple piercings. If you’re looking for a low-pain piercing, you should start with a lobe piercing. You can get creative with earrings for lobe piercings, but they should be pierced with a stud earring.

Helix: Also referred to as cartilage piercings, a helix piercing is a piercing on the outer rim of the upper ear. This is a great transition piercing from a lobe to more complex piercings. But because it’s on the outer ear, you have to be careful not to snag anything on this piercing or it’ll be very painful.

Daith: Using a curved needle, the area between the rook of the ear and the ear canal is pierced for a daith piercing. A daith piercing doesn’t just have aesthetic purposes, but possible medical purposes as well. A MigrainePal survey found that 47% of respondents said after they obtained a daith piercing, their migraines became less frequent, with 50% saying the severity of their migraines lessened. So if you’re looking for headache relief and a cool piercing, the daith is right for you.

Conch: An inner conch piercing is when the center of the ear cartilage, or the middle of the ear, is pierced. This piercing may take longer to heal than others, especially if a larger gauge needle is used. But people can choose either a ring or a barbell when getting a conch piercing.

Tragus: For a tragus piercing, the oval-shaped cartilage that sticks out next to the face is pierced. This piercing can be quite painful but should be completely healed within a year. As for earring choices, most people choose either a small stud or hoop.

As you can see, there are several ear piercings you can choose from. You should keep in mind pain levels and what kind of piercing will be best for your lifestyle to ensure you choose the right piercing.

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