Put The Past Behind You With Michigan Laser Tattoo Removal

Check out the following article about laser tattoo removal in Michigan:

From The Detroit News: https://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140119/METRO01/301190012#ixzz2qxNMhVYD

One option that many people turn to instead of complete removal is fading the tattoo to the point where it can be covered up by a different design, said tattooist John Motyka, owner and operator of Elite Ink Tattoo Studios, which has tattoo parlors in Warren, Center Line and Dearborn Heights.

“Before getting a tattoo, the person should consult with the tattooist and see if they are capable of taking on the project and if it’s what they really want,” he said.

In his 22 years in the business, Motyka says he has seen a definite shift in attitudes toward tattooing.

“More than ever, it is a form of self-expression,” he said. “When I started in this business in the early ’90s, it was considered a form of adult entertainment. Now tattooing is a legitimate industry.”

As for undoing the ink, the best thing to do, says Motyka, is go into it accepting that it is forever and plan ahead.

“In my opinion, removal is not an option if you are putting a tattoo on your body,” said Motyka. “As long as people take the impulse nature out of getting a tattoo and do their homework, more often than not, there’s less chance of buyer’s remorse.”