Metro Detroit Royalty Tattoos

By John Motyka, Elite Ink Tattoos

Tattooing Continues To Be A Royal Subject For Us All.

Everyone that is tattooed has something in common with Royal Bloodlines.

Over the centuries there have been many royal dignitaries who were tattooed. In fact it was very prestigious and considered upper class to be tattooed. Did you know that Britain’s Edward VII, George V, King Frederick IX of Denmark, King Alexander of Yugoslavia, King Alfonso of Spain, and even Tsar Nicholas II of Russia all sported tattoos? Many of the designs were Royal Coat of Arms or their Royal family crest.

In my humble opinion I believe that everyone that has a tattoo today is an indirect tattoo descendant of many of these honorary dignitaries. Unfortunately every tattoo can be categorized as upper, middle, or lower class. Sure it can be argued that art is in the eye of the beholder. However with the advancement in tattoo artistry most everyone has a chance to sport an upper class tattoo if they are willing to be smart about it.

Now is the time to get to the point about your next tattoo.

You may or may not have a personal tattoo artist that you favor over all the rest. If you do its because you are familiar with their style, demeanor, and professionalism to constantly satisfy your tattoo requests. If you don’t than maybe you should take your time and do your homework to find the right person so you do not end up with a regrettable mess.

Each tattoo that you receive is a learning process. Some people may get it right away and some people may not. It’s a proven fact that the more thought you put into your tattoo project the more happily you might be with the outcome. It starts with an idea of the meaning behind the tattoo. Next is the developmental stage of the image that your tattooist can help design for you. Keep in mind the idea has to be realistic and tattooable. Size matters! When you take a look at the drawing for the first time you will know right away if the design is meant for you. Don’t be afraid to say no, or request changes. After all it’s your permanent tattoo.

Through it all it may be hard to work through two important factors. The first is the jitters and nervousness associated with having a tattoo. This can sometimes cause a downward spiral starting with clouding up the mind with alcohol or stimulants. This can place the odds against you from the very start. To deal with the nervousness its important to become accustomed with your tattooist. Maintain a clear head so you do not make unnecessary mistakes. Visit them a few times and do not feel pressured. Hell yes it hurts, but this is part of the right of passage to wear permanent artwork. The second is the impulsive nature associated with having a tattoo done now because I’m ready. Are you really? Did you do your homework? Are you allowing the right tattoo technician to perform the work? Is it the right tattoo in the right place? Does it have the right symbolic meaning?

The demand for bigger and better tattoos has arrived so make sure you proceed accordingly. Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good. The price is to be determined by the professional tattooist. However if you become very involved with your tattoo you can add the missing x factor to the project itself. This additional value can be the tipping point in assuring that you will sport a tattoo that members of the royal house may become jealous of

By John Motyka
Elite Ink Tattoos

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