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As times change lovers may also, so is it a good idea to have another name permanently tattooed?

Being in the tattoo business for almost two decades I have seen my fair share of lettering tattoos.  The following article was written to assist anyone who is considering having lettering tattooed on them.  Typical lettering tattoos usually are in the form of names or quotes.

Is it a good idea to have a name tattooed?  Well that depends on two important factors.  If the name is of a direct blood relative than that can be a favorable circumstance.  If it is not, well than there is a random chance it may have to be removed, altered, or covered in the future.  A couple months ago one lady wanted to surprise her boyfriend of 2 years by having his name tattooed below her bikini line.  After leaving the studio she returned fifteen minutes later and was crying.  She demanded to have it covered up immediately.  She would not go into detail why she wanted it covered up or removed.  We can only assume that it was not appreciated as much as she had wished.  On another occasion a boyfriend and girlfriend had each others name tattooed on their ring fingers.  You would have thought the way they gazed into each others eyes they were newlywed and in love.  My word of advise when it comes to having a significant others name tattooed is to do it if both parties reciprocate and have each others name tattooed on the same day.  This not only proves that a true bond exists, but it also allows for each partner to have to endure the same problem if there is a breakup.

The right tattooed quote on the right part of the body can be extremely powerful.  When someone has chosen permanent words to live by it can be empowering. If a tattoo is armor than the right words tattooed can be the precious metal that protects the soul.

Tattoos are permanent body art decorations so the words you place under your skin should be well considered and have a great deal of meaning. Once you have decided what you want your new tattoo quote to say, deciding where to put it and the style of lettering will be next. Discussion with your tattoo artist can help determine if fancy script or plain lettering would help convey the best results. Color can also play a large role in the effectiveness of your quote tattoo’s presentation. Also, if you are thinking of getting lettering from a language different from English, double-check on the translation; be sure it says what you think it does.

As for what type of quote and where to find a meaningful quote to permanently wear can be a challenge.  The quote tattoo can be funny, emotional or inspirational. Meaningful statements from a family member are as legitimate as quotes from your favorite author. Philosophy, song lyrics, and poetry can also be great quote tattoo reference. You can read through books or websites of popular quotes to see which one most effects you.

As tattooing has begun to lose its old stigma of being an art form for “criminals”, it has begun to be a more acceptable medium of religious expression. Quotes from various religious books available can help with your quest for the perfect tattoo.

Words to live by not only can be inspiring, but empowering.  It can be pure motivation that can create the adrenaline needed to carry us each and every day.  Lets face it the daily rollercoaster ride can be extremely challenging.  We all need something to keep us striving for bigger and better things.

Here are a few examples of quotes that can make great tattoos.

“Be proud of the life that you live”

“True leaders create new leaders and not followers”

“Live today until tomorrow ends”

“Nothing in the past or future will ever feel like today”

“Carpe Diem”

“Life is a beautiful struggle”

“To live a creative life we must lose the fear of failing”

“We live the poetry we cannot write”

“Live the life you imagined”

“You don’t know what you’re alive for unless you know what to die for”

“Dying to live”

“Love the life you live and live the life you love”

“Be the poem”

“Let the world be yours”

By: John Motyka,  Elite Ink Tattoos

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