Caution: Tattoos Can Become Addicting

By: John Motyka

Before the advent of modern pain management, pain was seen as a natural part of life carrying a variety of spiritual and social/sexual meanings.
If you have just been tattooed than welcome to your new euphoric addiction. Just like a gambler is addicted to the gamblers high a person being tattooed can also crave the experience of the fantastic tattoo buzz. It starts with the jitters as you walk into the studio, your heart begins to race with an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness. Once you arrive in the tattooists chair the high begins to increase with every breath. You begin to feel light headed and the nervousness has literally put you on pins and needles. The tattooist begins the tattoo and immediately your body produces an adrenaline rush to over ride any discomfort or feelings of uneasiness. In the past some clients have compared this feeling to a opiate. It feels stronger than alcohol but with much more clarity.
It continues over and over as the tattoo is being applied.
It has been proven that women have a natural built in system that allows for a much greater euphoria than men while being tattooed. Also some clients can produce more “euphoria juice” than others due in large to their health and adrenal wiring. The heightened state does not stop here. Once the tattoo is complete a sense of excitability is felt for hours afterwards. The euphoric state is still present and some have mentioned that immediately after the tattoo was performed they felt a sense of Euphoria.  Probally due in large to the endorphins that were left over after the tattoo was complete.

Some people say that the tattoo didn’t hurt at all. A high tolerance for pain seems to be just that.  Some first timers describe it as  a warm vibration that becomes very tolerable after a short while. Most people seem very relaxed while Im performing the tattoo. Some kick back and read magazines or listen to an ipod. Recently a female client was actually disappointed when we finished because she enjoyed the heightened sensation.

When you are ready for the experience of a lifetime make sure that you
choose your tattooist wisely. Just because you are feeling gutsy doesn’t mean you will gain the optimal performance you deserve. Keep it in a professional environment. Visit a few studios beforehand. Go in armed with questions. Price shopping is not the way to go. Focus on artistic quality and demeanor of your tattooist. By working with a professional tattooist he/she will try their best to make sure the design fits with the natural flow of the bodies curvature. Now you are ready to make an appointment for your session. Make sure that you eat a couple of hours before and that you are clean. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs is never encouraged before having your tattoo done.
Keep in mind a professional can minimize the pain with little or no bleeding with their special technique. Never bring a consultant to the session because they may interfere with the progress by adding too much advice. Chewing a piece of gum while you are having your tattoo done is a great way to stabilize your breathing level and to gain the optimal amount of endorphins during the procedure.

As long as you take the impulsive nature out of the tattoo and are willing to follow through with the necessary steps than this puts you at a distinct advantage. First you are picking and choosing your studio and artist wisely. Next your subject matter should be well thought out. Last but not least by doing your homework you will gain an optimal experience of a lifetime.

Caution: tattoos can be extremely addicting. If you feel you have developed a habit that is out of control call our studio ink addiction hotline at (586)759-8446.

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