Attention: College degree not required to receive a beautiful tattoo.

By: John Motyka

Attention: College degree not required to receive a beautiful tattoo just patience, homework, and a little investment capital.

Quick thought:  A person walks into a hardware store and purchases a drill.  Now mind you even the most simpletons can wield a drill and screw with the greatest of ease.  Now a person purchases a tattoo machine and plugs it in.  What next?  Whose next?  Be tattoo wise and not an ignorant fool because “all tattooists are not created equally!”

Have you ever wondered why some tattoos look phenomenal and some look like they were done by a kindergardener? After reading this article you may never look at a tattoo the same way again.

When it comes to professional tattoos many would agree on what constitutes a beautiful tattoo.    Smooth lines, artistic shading, and creative body contour flow make up the majority of what is considered professional clean work.  Essentially photorealism is on the higher end of the scale in terms of quality and degree of difficulty.  Some individuals prefer color tattoos and others prefer black and gray. Each professional tattooist may have their own niche and may or may not offer a full tattoo menu spectrum.

What constitutes bad body art?  Broken or shaky lines, line bleed, scarring, ink fall out, lack of artistic impression. Recipients of bad tattoos may be guilty of tattoo ignorance, “just not knowing any better”.  Not being well informed creates uneducated tattooees and ultimately sporters and supporters of poorly executed tattoos.

Here is some food for thought:  It may be agreed that our civilization becomes smarter each and everyday through technological advancements.  In my opinion the general publics tattoo education is growing at a snails pace?  This is evident by anyone with a bad tattoo.  Is it misinformation from amateurs?  Is it lack of information from professionals?  Is it because a person is nervous when having a tattoo performed and causes them to fall prey to the “cats got your tongue syndrome”?   All in all this ignorance that may eventually become eradicated through education.  The goal is to to direct people from poor quality tattoos to the beautiful renderings that they deserve.

Question of the day: Why would a person be excited about letting someone practice his permanent new found hobby on them at the kitchen table?  Is it because in the back of their minds they are thinking a tattoo machine is like a drill bought at the local hardware store.  Is it because that person may not know any better because his/her friends all have bad tattoos?  Is it because they are willing to accept a poor tattoo at any cost?  I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Inkcredible!

The fact that tattoos are impulsive in nature has created an “I want it now because I’m ready attitude”.  This can result in a series of steps that contributes to bad tattoo decision making.  It’s fine to know that you are ready to have a tattoo performed, but most importantly it’s important to follow through with a series of steps to assure yourself that you have the best tattoo work done possible.

Having great tattoo work performed on your skin essentially is a two way street.  The person seeking Elite Ink is 50% responsible for the professional job.  The reason being that the tattoo recipient is responsible for the pre-tattoo planning.  It’s the who, what, why and where homework that is necessary for eye popping skin illustrations.  This stage requires a special due diligence by seeking out the most professional tattoo studio and an artist that is desirous to take on your project.  Once you find the right tattooist they will be able to check your homework and explain “how” it’s done.  You have just found the formula for receiving professional tattoos.  Remember you will be tested on this and the results will be posted on your skin forever.

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