Think Before You Ink: 4 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Your First Tattoo

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If you’ve decided to get your first tattoo, you’re probably feeling a little nervous, and that’s perfectly normal. While getting a tattoo can be an exciting, life-changing experience, it can also be intimidating. Before you head off to a tattoo shop to get your first tattoo, consider these few factors to ensure you’re going to have the best experience possible.

  1. Listen to your artist
    The artist you choose should be someone you trust and feel comfortable with. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that they’re the one who is an expert on tattoos. After you’ve made it clear what you’re looking for, it’s important to trust that they’ll use their years of experience and knowledge to give you the best tattoo possible. Listen to any concerns they express about the design or placement — they just want what’s best for you. It’s important to do your research and find a reputable artist in your area. Reputation is a highly considered factor — in fact, about 49% of people who have tattoos think the artist’s reputation or the reputation of the studio is the most import factor to consider when choosing where to get tattooed.
  2. Take your time making a decision
     You don’t want to make a tattoo appointment without being sure of what you want. Remember, tattoo ink is permanent and will be on your body forever. While there are options like tattoo removal and cover up tattoos, you want to make sure you get what you want the first time.
  3. Don’t get a cheap (or free) tattoo. Is your friend’s cousin offering free tattoos out of his garage? Do your body a favor and pass on that opportunity. While it may be tempting to settle for someone who is offering a cheap price for a tattoo, it’s important to remember that, like with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Higher prices mean the artist has been working for years gaining experience and building their reputation. You don’t want anything other than the best quality, and you’re going to have to pay more to get inked by a reputable artist.
  4. Aftercare is extremely important
    After your tattoo is done, your artist will go over the aftercare instructions with you — listen carefully! Cleaning the tattoo and keeping it moisturized are extremely important if you want the tattoo to heal properly. Failing to take care of a fresh tattoo could potentially cause issues. Also, it’s okay to be concerned with your healing tattoo. Since you just got tattoo ink placed underneath your skin, it’s going to look a little weird. If you have serious concerns and think it might be getting infected, call the tattoo shop or see a doctor.

Getting a tattoo is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The tattoo ink will be on your body permanently, and it’s important to choose a clean, comfortable location to get your ink done. If you remember these few factors to consider and do plenty of research beforehand, you should be ready to get a piece of art on your body that you’ll be proud to show off.