Elite Ink Offers Some of The Best Clitoral Hood Piercings

Elite Ink Studios

Elite Ink Studios

Elite Ink offers some of the best clitoral hood piercings.  This type of piercing is a great choice for those  seeking pleasure through artistic adornment.   There is a distinct difference between the Vertical and Horizontal clitoris hood piercing.

When Elite Ink performs the vertical hood piercing (VCH) is has been known to be less painful, more stimulating, heals easily and faster, and is the most popular and fashionable.  The VCH is one that most women are anatomically suited to wear.  The piercing specialists at Elite Ink can quickly evaluate if the client is suitable for the VCH by conducting a Q-tip test.  This is gently done by gently placing the head of the q-tip underneath the clitoris hood.  This will allow the piercer to gauge whether or not the client is equipped for this type of piercing.  The jewelry that is generally utilized for the VCH is the 16gauge curved barbell.

When Elite Ink performs the horizontal hood piercing (HCH) it is usually performed with a captive bead hoop.  This piercing is generally performed as an alternative to the VCH.  Where the bead can rest on the actual clitoris usually causing additional sensation.  Depending on the clients anatomy the piercing expert can usually gauge the size that bests suits the client to maximize the after effects.

When the professionals at Elite Ink have performed the Vertical and Horizontal clitoris piercings it has been said that there was an increase in physical stimulation after the piercing has properly healed. This effect usually depends on the level of sensitivity a person possesses.  It has been known that this type of piercing can improve the frequency of intimate desire. Many women find that the direct contact of the jewelry on the clitoris is pleasurable and stimulating.  It won’t be a cure-all for instant orgasms or anything, but it can help.

At Elite Ink this type of piercing is usually very quick and intense.   The clitoral tissue is so thin that the needle slides right through with hardly any pain at all.  Most clients claim afterwards that this type of piercing was one of the easiest to have done.  Elite Ink offers some of the best aftercare instructions, so that your piercing heals in the minimum amount of time.  When properly cared for this type of piercing can heal in as little as 4 weeks.  Once the healing is complete the jewelry then can be changed to something more desirable.  Sometimes a taper can be inserted for larger gauge jewelry.



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