Elite Inks Top Ten Reasons To Be Tattooed Or Not

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Written by: John Motyka Tattooist at Elite Ink in Centerline, MI

The self debate is never ending and is old as dirt. Should I get tattooed or not? Hmm Will it hurt? How long will it take? Will the tattooist be gentle? Will it be exciting? Will I be satisfied afterwards? Will I need a cigarette upon completion? If this sounds like you than read on tattoo virgin.


The Debate: Why I shouldn’t vs. Why I should Do It

1.My boss or significant other will be upset and may chastise and/or cast me away.
Having a tattoo is a form of self expression and represents freedom of self. No
one should control your decision to invest in enhancing your beautification and
well being. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you are the one who
ultimately controls your destiny and happiness.

2. Don’t want to get cut out of the family fortune by angering my parents.
Go fourth and live as art, no one should stop you from being you. If your tattoo
is professional and in good taste it may increase your earnings potential. Tattoos
are more acceptable and sexier than ever before. Count on yourself to earn your
living and gain self respect. If your living in the shadow of others are you really

3. I’m afraid its going to hurt too much and make me scream.
The pain is very minimal. Its most often compared to a cat scratch. The more
experienced the tattooist the less the tattoo should hurt. There are also topical
numbing agents to assist with a very low tolerance for minimal pain. Most women
do not have a problem because they have a natural born ability to override the
discomfort. Some tattoos have been known to tickle, so don’t move if you feel
this sensation.

4. I’m Afraid of the unknown which causes anxiety and makes me extremely nervous.
When you visit a studio go in armed with questions. Do your due diligence. Visit a couple of websites before hand. The more work you put into your tattoo the more you will be satisfied with the outcome. It’s not necessary to be tranquilized while being tattooed. It is not surgery and can be performed with the greatest of ease by a proven professional.

5. Not sure of the permanent commitment, I don’t want to be 80 with a tattoo.
What’s wrong with being a hip 80 year old? Besides Tattoos can be semi-permanent. They can be removed with sophisticated lasers.

6. Don’t know where to put it.
Make sure when you choose a place to put your new tattoo that it
accentuates the natural flow and curvature of your body.

7. Having trouble with deciding on subject matter for a design.
Know where you want the tattoo before deciding on the subject matter. You can
search the internet or go to a reputable studio and find an artist who is willing to
help you with your experience.

8. Tired of every self appointed tattoo expert telling me what I should do.
Sometimes you may run into a person who has had a tattoo and all of the sudden
they become an expert in the field. Its okay to listen to some advice but don’t
take it all to heart. Do your own work and realize it is not as hard as you think.

9. I do not know a tattoo artist, thus I do not know where to begin.
Remember there are not enough qualified tattooists to deal with the growing
demand of professional tattoos. So choose your tattooist wisely. Just because
someone knows someone who just bought a kit and does it out of their home
doesn’t make them qualified to perform your new artwork. Call local studios and
make the time to visit several studios. Find someone who is desirous to take on
your project. Ask questions. Don’t act on impulse make it a point to have it done
within a reasonable time period, not within the day.

10. I’m afraid that the tattoo may fade and need retouching.
As long as the tattooist who performed your tattoo did their job properly and you did your job taking care of your tattoo it should not need retouching. Make sure once your tattoo is healed to use a high spf sunblock.

Obviously if the tattoo is done in good taste and fits with the natural flow of the
curvature of your body it will add value to your well being and give you the
confidence you deserve to excel. Now is the best time to receive professional
tattoos simply because the technology is well advanced and the influx of
professionally trained artists in the field. It is almost guaranteed that once you
receive a favorable experience you will benefit for years to come.

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By: John Motyka
Elite Ink
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