Protect Your Tattoo From The Suns Damaging Rays

Its summer time in Michigan and you may be an avid boater heading to Jobbie Nooner or Muscumoot. You may think that you’re the perfect planner, but you forgot the sun block. Kiss that beautiful tattoo goodbye! What once was absolutely breathtaking in every sense is now a faded memory. The vivid artistry and the amazing colors, gone. What once was exciting has now turned boring.

The suns damaging ultraviolet rays can damage a tattoo very fast.
Its no secret that tanning isnt really good for your skin anyway, but its even harder on your tattoo. The more you tan the more your ink fades. If you are one of those who absolutely love the sun and cant get enough of it then make sure you apply sunblock to your tattoos. Always use a 30SPF sunblock or higher. This will keep your tattoo vibrant for many years, and it will continue to be a great source of pride.

Many wonder how does the sun fade a tattoo. Its simple the sun bleaches colors because its ultra violet properties are extremely strong. Think about how curtains or outdoor paint dulls over time. Black fades as much as colors and maybe even more.

While roaming the California beaches I noticed many tattoos that were extremely colorful. The reason being is that on the Westcoast it is common knowledge to protect the skin from the suns damaging rays. Even though many of these people sported tans their tattoos very very colorful. As I looked closer at several of the tattoos I noticed a natural skin color outline around the tattoo. That was a sure giveaway that the person developed a great sunblock application habit

You may hardly go out in the sun but guess what? Just walking in the sun or having your arm out the car window is enough to sun bleach a tattoo. The way that youll notice is when you compare to a new tattoo. Once this happens then its time to pay for a retouching.

Never put sunblock on a new or fresh tattoo. Wait until it is healed first. Tanning beds are just as harmful as the natural sun, so rub on the sunblock before doing it.

By John Motyka
Elite Ink
Centerline-Warren-Dearborn Heights

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