In Memory Tattoos


Keep Fond Memories Alive With A Remembrance Tattoo
By: John Motyka

Losing a loved one can be extremely devastating. Anyone who has experienced this type of loss knows that there may be several ways in trying to cope. One way is to honor the person by receiving a commemorative tattoo. This type of tattoo offers a constant reminder and guarantees that they will be in your thoughts and prayers each and everyday.

Dedicating part of your body is the first step in beginning your new honorary tattoo. Once you zeroed in on the exact location you can begin to decide on the size and parameter that the tattoo will cover. Once this has been done than you may want to decide on symbolic meaning. What was important to the person you are paying tribute to? What unique common bond did you share? Did they have a special nickname? Ect. Only you can begin to decide whether the tattoo will be a collection of words, images, events, or a combination. The sky is the limit when you are in the planning stage. Researching reference material on the internet or library can be a key component in formulating your idea into something tangible.

One mistake a person can make is to rely solely on the tattooist to design a tattoo with very little information. By no means should a commemorative tattoo be impulsive. You are going to wear the tattoo so why wouldn’t you put much thought into it. DO your homework. It’s important to be in the right frame of mind when pursuing the best tattoo possible. Being in the right state allows you to communicate with your artist to assure you are receiving the best work possible. It’s important that you wait long enough after the loss to get your bearings straight in order to properly plan.

Having a memorial tattoo can be emotional, but the pride of remembrance they can give you will be well worth it. By having an In memory tattoo of a loved one it may be one of the ultimate ways to pay tribute to a loved one. In loving memory tattoos can be very personal and it is important that they are well thought out before moving ahead.

When you have done your homework and know what you would like in your tattoo then you are ready to visit a couple of studios.
Make sure that you choose your tattooist wisely. Make sure to have questions prepared. Price shopping is not the way to go. Focus on artistic quality and demeanor of your tattooist. By working with a professional tattooist he/she will try their best to make sure the design fits with the natural flow of the bodies curvature. Now you are ready to make an appointment for your session. Make sure that you eat a couple of hours before and that you are clean. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs is never encouraged before having your tattoo done.
Keep in mind a professional can minimize the pain with little or no bleeding with their special technique. Never bring a consultant to the session because they may interfere with the progress by adding too much advice. Chewing a piece of gum while you are having your tattoo done is a great way to stabilize your breathing level and to gain the optimal amount of endorphins during the procedure.

As long as you take the impulsive nature out of the tattoo and are willing to follow through with the necessary steps than this puts you at a distinct advantage. Last but not least by doing your homework you will gain an optimal experience of a lifetime.

By John Motyka, Elite Ink
25543 Vandyke
Centerline, MI. 48015