Tattoo Goo available at Elite Ink Studios!

Tattoo Goo  Aftercare Now Available at Elite Ink Studios!

Tattoo Goo is  Available at Elite Ink Studios


Elite Ink Studios is proud to announce the availability of Tattoo Goo at its exclusive upscale studios.

What is Tattoo Goo?

Tattoo Goo aftercare products are a combination of vitamins, herbs, and other ingredients developed especially to aid your body in the healing and protection of a new tattoo.  Tattoo Goo aftercare products are gentle enough for everyday use and will not clog the pores of your skin, which retards the natural healing process.  It contains natural moisturizers to enhance the colors and protect your tattoo for Life.


Will Tattoo Goo pull the ink out of my tattoo?

The ingredients in Tattoo Goo aftercare products Do Not draw ink or other ipuities out of the skin.  Over application seems to be the biggest problem in tattoo aftercare: that can smother the skin.  Over application with tattoo goo is an unlikely issue, because it doesnt contain lanolin or petroleum, which can clog pores, leading to loss of ink or damage to a new tattoo.  Tattoo Goo aids the natural body’s healing process.  The consistency of Tattoo Goo aftercare products helps prevent over-application too.  When using tattoo Goo simply rub your finger on top of the open can: do not scoop Tattoo Goo out.  Rub it gently into the skin: do not leave excess.  You just want it barely to be shiny.  If you feel you have applied too much simply wash it off,  let it air dry, and use nothing on it for a day.  YOu can start up again.  If you have any further issues switch to Tattoo Goo Lotion.  Lotions are very hard to apply as they absorb into the skin more easily.


Is fragrance added to Tattoo Goo?

Tattoo Goo is 99% natural.  It’s the herbs and oils in Tattoo Goo that give “The Original” its pleasant scent.


Does Tattoo Goo contain any harmful ingredients?

The ingredients in Tattoo Goo are by FDA standards GRAS products.  GRAS stands for Generally Recognized as Safe.  If you got it in your eye, it may cause a little redness or irritation.  If this happens simply wash it out.


How is Tattoo Goo better than other similar tattoo aftercare products?

Tattoo Goo is 99% natural and doesn’t contain a bunch of harmful chemicals that can cause reactions in some people. Because Tattoo Goo uses natural ingredients in their products, its gentler on the skin.  Plus Tattoo Goo was specifically developed for healing tattoos; its not a general wound care solution like some similar products.  Some people have petroleum allergies, but that’s not an issue with Tattoo Goo, because its petroleum free.  Petroleum covers the skin and prevents tattoos from breathing.  It also contains many impurities that can clog skin pores.  Tattoo Goo doesn’t smother the skin in that way.  Its consistency is thick, which helps prevent over application.  Tattoo Goo contains No Lanolin.  Lanolin is highly allergenic.  Most people that have reactions are having lanolin/or petroleum reactions.