Elite Ink has the Best Piercing Studios in The Metro Detroit Area


Elite Ink Studios is proud of being voted best tattoo studio in the Metro Detroit area, 5 years in a row.  Inside Elite Inks state of the art facilities you will find special designated rooms for body piercing/ and or tattooing.  Each piercing professional has been properly trained and offers some of the best customer service in the industry.




Elite Ink offers rooms with a comfortable setting complete with dentist chairs, modern equipment, and exclusive privacy.    The piercing procedures are usually quick and precise.    Elite Ink prides itself on having some of the best aftercare instructions to help it’s clients through the post piercing process to ensure quick healing time.


Piercing Chart at Elite Ink

Elite Ink Ear Piercing Chart

Elite Ink offers many styles of piercings including navel, tongue, eyebrow, septum, lip, monroe, and snake bites. The ear piercings include: industrial, lobe, helix, snug, conch, rook, cartilage, and tragus to name a few. 

The private piercings include nipple, christine, labia, and vertical or horizontal hood piercings. 

Stop in Elite Ink to see for yourself why they were voted the number one studio for five years in a row!

Elite Inks main location is at: 25543 Vandyke, Center Line, MI. 48015  Call (586)759-8446 for more information.



Elite Ink