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    Getting Your First Tattoo: What to Expect

    You’ve chosen an artist at a reputable tattoo parlor, you have your design planned out, and you saved up the money… now what? When you’re getting your first tattoo, it can be scary going in not knowing what to expect. So to ease some of your worries, let’s take a look at a brief step-by-step […]

  • Why Do People Get Tattoos?

    When someone has a tattoo, one of the most common questions they’re going to get asked is “Why did you get that?” There are a lot of different reasons people get tattoos, and some people get them for no reason other than they wanted it. This article will take a look at just a few […]

  • Think Before You Ink: 4 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Your First Tattoo

    If you’ve decided to get your first tattoo, you’re probably feeling a little nervous, and that’s perfectly normal. While getting a tattoo can be an exciting, life-changing experience, it can also be intimidating. Before you head off to a tattoo shop to get your first tattoo, consider these few factors to ensure you’re going to […]